I'm Lean, a software engineer based in Manila, Philippines.

I do digital magic.



I live to create things.

  • clip of piece

    Generative art and augmented reality.

    Vue.js three.js
  • screenshot

    Interactive language map of the Philippines.

  • screenshot of gameplay

    Mobile puzzle game about packing shapes together.

    Android Kotlin Realm Robolectric

More works

Work Experience


I create things for a living.

  1. Frontend Engineer
    at Canva
    from 2018 to now
    Canva logo

    Building all sorts of stuff.

    React Node TypeScript GraphQL Storybook MobX
  2. Web Developer
    at Azeus
    from 2017 to 2018

    Full-stack web and systems development.

    Vue.js Webpack Spring Boot Gradle TypeScript Java Stylus
  3. Android Developer
    at Azeus
    from 2015 to 2017
    Convene logo

    Worked on the Android app for the digital meetings and collaboration system called Convene.

    Android Android Studio Java SQLite
  4. Software Engineering Intern
    at Azeus
    in 2014

    Worked on a peer-to-peer multiplayer card game on Android that features a disturbing Easter egg.

    Android AndEngine Vert.x Java
  5. Flash Developer
    in 2009

    Created animated, sometimes interactive, Internet advertisements. Indirectly contributed to the rise of ad-blockers.

    ActionScript 3.0 ActionScript 2.0 Adobe Flash FlashDevelop Macromedia Flash
  6. Powerpoint “Engineer”
    in 2009

    Illustrated, animated, and created interactive biochemistry learning materials for some learning institute. In Powerpoint.

    Photoshop Powerpoint ACD/ChemSketch

About Me

I'm Lean Rada, a software engineer.

I want to make great things using technology to improve how the world works. My interests are game dev, design, music theory, animation, visual art, interactive media, and technology.

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